Icicle Generator V1

Works pretty well for getting just about any icicle look with some tweaking of the displacement controls etc.
Could be used for:
– Quickly generating high/low poly icicles for baking (can go very detailed/high poly)
– Clusters of unique icicles baked to a highpoly or just for a tiler.
– Can pull off that frozen waterfall icicle look if you give it the right geometry, the clusters of icicles at a high enough scatter will form together in very organic ways.

-should probably have it generate ice buildup geometry on the input mesh expanding from the icicle points..
-better ground buildup options/look

sss renders from procedurally generated geo:





Crystal/Rock Gen V1

First version of this, needs a lot more control and features.. especially for rocks.. but it’s a decent foundation.

-Add more crystal/gem types
-lots of controls missing
-crystal ground formations
-More displacement control for crystals
-Rock Types/more realism in the displacement
-dirt/moss for rocks
-more everything

Render comps from two of the high poly’s generated from the tool (cubic combined and hex).. bit noisy but eh.


low poly marmoset renders..  exported from the tool and baked with xnormal (render below == ao/normal map/curvature for diffuse)



Voronoi Fracture Tool V2

New Features:
– Spline Guide + controls
– New vert paint coloring options for interior/exterior fractures
Future Features:
– Multiple guide types at the same time (vert paint/guide meshes/splines)
– Shaping presets
– Interface cleanup
– Create shader for interior pieces

edit: forgot the coolest part about splines, they update as you move them.. also, they can stop and start anywhere, the tool doesn’t really care

lights out asia – Radars over the Ghosts of Chernobyl