Crystal/Rock Gen V1

First version of this, needs a lot more control and features.. especially for rocks.. but it’s a decent foundation.

-Add more crystal/gem types
-lots of controls missing
-crystal ground formations
-More displacement control for crystals
-Rock Types/more realism in the displacement
-dirt/moss for rocks
-more everything

Render comps from two of the high poly’s generated from the tool (cubic combined and hex).. bit noisy but eh.


low poly marmoset renders..  exported from the tool and baked with xnormal (render below == ao/normal map/curvature for diffuse)



Pig Teleportation

This is a sop that moves primitives based on world space colors animated through the timeline.  The end result is you can transform, scale and/or rotate/manipulate individual faces or triangles to new points in space across an object in any axis.  The render below does that and also takes the same information and voxelizes it into a sorta slimey fluid.

simple exampletransform_simple